About Me

My earliest memories of wanting to design clothing were in elementary school. I took apart a pair of gray sweatpants and - using the plastic pink needle and yarn play set my mom had gotten me - threaded light purple yarn through the former pants to turn it into a beautiful skirt. It wasn't until I wore that skirt to school - thanks, Mom, for letting me get away with that! - that I realized how wonky my new skirt was. While watching beauty pageants on TV with my parents, I decided that I, too, could design all these beautiful dresses. I attacked numerous sheets of expensive computer paper - thanks again, Mom and Dad! - with my box of colored crayons and designed dozens of potential pageant dresses. Wonky skirt and crayon-drawn dresses may not have demonstrated the budding designer I wanted to be, but I kept at it.

Over the years, I have made many a skirt, pant, dress, shirt, vest, jacket, and outfit, mostly for myself but sometimes for friends. I always wanted to design, make and sell clothes, but it was only recently that I decided to finally do it. After hearing the woes of my friends buying maternity clothes - "It's polyester and feels cheap," "It's so expensive and falls apart too easily," "Nothing is my style" - I finally realized I had something to say as a designer. And so Mitton & La Boss was born. Women can have cute, chic, comfortable clothing for the different stages of their adult lives that feel good to wear and feel good knowing that when you purchase an item, you're actually purchasing two or more for the price of one, with the multi-use nature of almost every piece.

Everything about this brand is personal, from the idea inspired by friends and family to the name, which is an homage to my parents, to how I work: out of my home studio in Brooklyn, NY, where I design, make and package all the pieces. Because everything is handmade, each piece is unique.

Welcome to Mitton & La Boss!

For more information, please email info@mittonandlaboss.com.