About Me

My earliest memories of wanting to design clothing were in elementary school. I took apart a pair of gray sweatpants and - using the plastic pink needle and yarn play set my mom had gotten me - threaded light purple yarn through the former pants to turn it into a beautiful skirt. It wasn't until I wore that skirt to school - thanks, Mom, for letting me get away with that! - that I realized how wonky my new skirt was. While watching beauty pageants on TV with my parents, I decided that I, too, could design all these beautiful dresses. I attacked numerous sheets of expensive computer paper - thanks again, Mom and Dad! - with my box of colored crayons and designed dozens of potential pageant dresses. Wonky skirt and crayon-drawn dresses may not have demonstrated the budding designer I wanted to be, but I kept at it.
Over the years, I have made many a skirt and more, mostly for myself but sometimes for friends. I always wanted to design, make and sell clothes, and so I finally decided to do it.
Everything about Mitton & La Boss is personal, from the name, which is an homage to my parents, to how I work, which is out of my home studio, where I design, make and package all the pieces. Because everything is handmade, each piece is unique.
Welcome to Mitton & La Boss! Follow me on Instagram, on Facebook, and on PinterestFor more information, please email info@mittonandlaboss.com.