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More Fun with Photos

     Thankfully I have friends who are more photogenic than I and so I didn't need to model these clothes, but I took a few photos anyway. Here are a few outtakes from the first photo shoot in which I am wearing the Tattoo Tank Top, Reversible Striped Pants and Waist/Coat. A few notes on these items: Tattoo Tank Top - I love tattoos. Not every single one I have ever seen, but in general I really like the artistry of many of them, the boldness of the person to permanently mark themselves, and what tattoos say about their owners. I got my first one a few years ago and would love to get more. Seeing tattoos inspired me to...

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Getting Started with Some Lovely Friends

           I’m building the collection slowly, starting first with a few pieces that can serve as wardrobe staples: a reversible dress, a pair of reversible pants, a vest that can turn into a blazer, and a shirt that can turn into a dress. And, for a little fun, a basic tank top with a wink to the classic “Mom” and heart tattoo. To help me get this website started, several awesome friends took a few hours out of their relaxing Sundays for a fun photo shoot. One of my bestest friends, Ling, and her awesome husband, Chadwick, set up, art directed and shot the photos for the beginning of the collection. And two lovely ladies made their...

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