That One Perfect Piece of Clothing October 21 2015

You know what's great about certain articles of clothing? You can wear them at any time, for any occasion, any season, and you know they're going to look good on you and you are going to feel good in them. That's what the Reversible Ruched Maternity Dress is, that perfect dress that you can pull out of your closet whenever and have an instant outfit. For one, each side is a different color that is bound to match whatever mood or season you're in. Secondly, it's a great canvas and starting point for you to style it any way you want.

Here are two ways to wear it:

With the black side out, I've paired the Reversible Ruched Maternity Dress with a crisp white button down tied around my waist and slipped on simple black pumps. To turn this classic black and white look up a notch, I have on a statement chain necklace in gold and silver, brownish red lips to celebrate the fall season, and bangin' hair. With fall weather being all kinds of crazy, for extra warmth you can throw on a trench and black sheer tights and still look like a boss!

With the gray side out, I have put together one of the most perfect, comfortable and cool fall outfits. Black is an obvious color pairing with gray, but really you could pull this outfit off with any colors. I'm wearing a long black cardigan, left open, and cinched with a simple black leather belt. And then new to my wardrobe this fall are black Chelsea boots that I have to force myself not to wear every day, that's how awesome they are. This outfit is a little bit of grunge-inspired attitude meets "I'm a pretty lady, I swear!" Can't get enough of this!!!

This dress also comes in a green/gray combo and even more ways to wear it.

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Style Tips: How to Wear White after Labor Day September 15 2015

Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? Well, okay, I guess a lot of people do. There are some traditional fashion rules that die hard and that seems to be one of them. In the areas of the country where there is no perceptible change in the season, when there is barely a shift in temperature from August to October, then this rule wouldn't make sense anyway. But for those of us whose everyday outfit is determined by how big the chill in the air is, then it's very easy to pack up all those bright and light colors and bring out the fall wardrobe once the unofficial end of summer comes.

But guess what? You totally can wear white after Labor Day and here's how:

1. Material and fabric matter just as much as color does. Linen and seersucker scream summer, but most other fabrics do not. Cotton, jersey, silk, wool, twill, etc., these are fabrics that either can be worn year-round or are only worn during the colder months. For example, my beloved white wool winter coat that I plan to wear until it's just a series of holes? No one would accuse me of not being seasonally appropriate because the coat is white. Check the fabric and if it screams summer to you, then it's probably not a transitional piece of clothing. These Reversible Striped Jersey Pants in this photo are the perfect transitional pair since they're made with 100% jersey, a fabric that works all year long.

2. Keep it classic. This black and white look works in any season and never goes out of style. I paired these white and black pants with a black, draped top and funky, black Mary Jane heels. To complete the classic look, I added red lipstick and mascara.

3. Pair white with another neutral. I happened to choose the classic black and white look for the outfit of the day, but white transitions well from season to season with other neutrals, such as a gray or camel-colored piece of clothing. These Reversible Striped Jersey Pants with a lightweight gray sweater and flats or sneakers would have looked appropriate for September as well.

4. Bring in a trend. Make any piece of your wardrobe very "now" by bringing in an element that works for fall. Yes, I did keep this look classic, but I also added the Pantone 2015 Color of the Year to the look. Can you spot it? My nails are painted in marsala, a beautiful color that is perfect for fall.

Et voila, that's today's #OOTD!

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To see more about these Reversible Striped Jersey Pants (hint, the other side is black), click here.

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Top 5 Reasons to Wear Black and White May 22 2015

1.  The color combo is timeless. Need proof? These images of Dorothy Dandridge from the 1950s, Julia Roberts in 2001, and Reese Witherspoon this year don't lie.


2. Chic, funky, classic, no matter your style, you can pull it off.

3. Black and white is one of the biggest fashion trends this spring and summer. Need style tips? Try very graphic pieces to emphasize the stark contrast between ebony and ivory. Another style tip: Accent the black and white with bold colors.

4. Sporty minimalism is also, ahem, on track to be a style, ahem, winner this year and black and white in a track pant is a perfect pairing.

5. Black and white = flawless, every time.