#OOTD: The Tattoo Tank All Dressed Up September 02 2015

Today's outfit of the day is brought to you by the letter "M" for mom, makeup and moxie. Here's how to dress up a cool tank top, our Tattoo Tank, so named for its play on the traditional "Mom" tattoo that serves as a pocket.

Tattoo Tank: Yes, it's a tank top, but that doesn't mean it can only be worn casually. You can dress up just about any article of clothing with a nice pair of pants (as seen here), a nice skirt (maxi, midi or mini) and heels. To shop this shirt, click here. Want to wear this tank top in a casually cool way? Check out this look.

Pants: Let's talk about these pants for a minute. Aren't they to die for?! Thanks 3.1 Phillip Lim for designing such a beauty! The pale yellow color works all year long (trust me, I've paired these pants with a black sweater, black tights and black booties in the dead of winter and looked amazing, if I do say so myself) and happens to match the yellow ribbon on the pocket of this shirt. These pants help dress up the tank top and make this tank appropriate for a more casual office setting.

Those shoes!: These strawberry red suede beauties are from Nine West, and I bought them to wear as a bridesmaid for a best friend's wedding. The heel height helps lengthen the pants, the color ties into the outfit by matching the heart on the tank and, in general, heels serve to dress up an outfit.

Hair: It's the last week of August/first week of September in New York City, which means days in a row of 90+ degrees and oh-so-high humidity. What's a girl with frizzy hair to do? Easy: Pull it all back in a sleek, tight, low bun or ponytail for a look that's both polished and chic.

Makeup: The fastest way to look like you tried, in my opinion, is a bold lip. I happen to love lipstick, so I'm wearing a red gloss from Sephora and a little black eyeliner to complete the overall look. I know lipstick isn't for everyone though, so my suggestion is to find that one piece of makeup that you love wearing and is quick and easy to put on so you can easily turn to it when you're rushing but still want to look like you tried.

Jewelry: Last and never least is jewelry. Sometimes, a single statement piece creates an entire look. Or sometimes, something simple is all you need to complete the look. In my case today, I went for a simple statement that has great meaning to me: A porcupine quill necklace that my husband gave to me on our wedding night three years ago today.

Et voila, that's today's #OOTD!

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Style Tip: It's a Cinch! August 18 2015

Let's just say you have a loose-fitting top or dress that you want to wear but you also want it to be a little bit more form-fitting. That's the style conundrum I came across one recent morning.

As you can see in the photo above, this Swing Dress has an A-line silhouette and so, by design, it has a very flowy fit. It's comfortable and cute, but I wanted to bring it in in the waist. The solution: put a belt on it. Pretty obvious idea, right?

But what I like to do is to create outfits in interesting ways. So instead of just putting a belt on it, I consulted with my stylist - HA! I'm just kidding. It was my husband - and came up with this solution instead.


As seen in yesterday's #OOTD on Instagram, I looped a vintage silver belt through the large front pocket of the dress, buckled the belt and kept that hidden in the pocket, creating a cinched look without taking away from the design of the dress.

There are many ways to get creative with belts, as you can see in this Lucky article and below images of Anne Hathaway and Olivia Palermo. Check them out for your own #OOTD style inspiration.



Top 5 Reasons to Wear Black and White May 22 2015

1.  The color combo is timeless. Need proof? These images of Dorothy Dandridge from the 1950s, Julia Roberts in 2001, and Reese Witherspoon this year don't lie.


2. Chic, funky, classic, no matter your style, you can pull it off.

3. Black and white is one of the biggest fashion trends this spring and summer. Need style tips? Try very graphic pieces to emphasize the stark contrast between ebony and ivory. Another style tip: Accent the black and white with bold colors.

4. Sporty minimalism is also, ahem, on track to be a style, ahem, winner this year and black and white in a track pant is a perfect pairing.

5. Black and white = flawless, every time.