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Q&A: Caleb Brown

  From painting, to teaching himself web development to baking, Caleb Brown is a man very passionate about his various creative endeavors. And as someone who recently tasted his lemon pistachio cardamom cupcakes, I know from personal experience that he's really good at whatever he does. Check out the Q&A below about inspiration and process from this Brooklyn-based freelance web developer and passionate baker. When did you realize you were a creative person and how did you get your start? I've always leaned towards creative expression in my life. When I was very young, I was a prolific painter, as proofed by the numerous boxes of artwork that my mother holds onto for some unknown reason. When I was a little older,...

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Q&A: Emma McKinstry

      Today's Q&A is with jeweler and entrepreneur Emma McKinstry, a former colleague of mine and current friend. Emma's rise from making jewelry as a hobby to turning to it full time in just a few years, getting the attention of national fashion magazines and even getting her pieces on celebrities is inspirational for any maker and fledgling entrepreneur. Her designs are bold and bright and always classy. 1. When did you realize you were a creative person and wanted to make jewelry? For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been working on one creative project or another. I love the feeling of creating something – taking an idea or thought and turning it into something...

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Q&A: Dara Smith

   I’m an avid reader of design and art blogs and one thing I like about them is the insight they provide into other creative people, their process, their inspiration, where and how they got their start and how they make a living doing what they love. Inspired by these features on other sites, I’m starting what I hope is a long series of Q&As with creative people in various fields with various backgrounds. First up is my friend Dara Smith, who I met when we were living in the same dorm at New York University oh so many years ago. She impressed me immediately with her love and knowledge of art and her appetite for learning more. After 11...

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