Surrounded by Women Entrepreneurs and It Feels So Good! June 15 2015


You know what's fabulous? Being surrounded by fellow women entrepreneurs on a wonderfully hot and sunny summer day, eating pizza, and talking to and supporting each other in a relaxed environment. I want to thank Alyson Levy for including me in a new project her company that she shares with her sister Brynn Hudson Jewelry is undertaking: a photo series called "The Working Woman" spotlighting women in the many different jobs that women do. This includes Alyson and her sister, Brynn Hudson. Brynn started the jewelry line about 8 years ago, put the whole business on hold to raise two children, and Alyson joined her to help relaunch the company a few months ago. The photo series kicked off Saturday with more than a dozen women entrepreneurs for the "It's Her Business: The Woman & Her Business" photo shoot.

It was such a great experience! Alyson welcomed me into her home and created a loving and fun environment. She is incredibly welcoming and friendly, even as she physically juggled two young kids on her hips and whizzed from room to room arranging the makeup artist, models (us!) and photographer in her home. I got to wear the Mitton & La Boss shirt/dress with silver detailing that paired really well with a chunky silver necklace and bracelet by Brynn Hudson Jewelry.

Among the women I met include makeup artist Maureen Haggerty, who made us all feel beautiful and created looks that turned us into better versions of ourselves. The photographer Ananda Lima was a joy to work with. As none of us is a professional model, she made us feel at home even as we contorted ourselves into unnatural positions. And I'm rooting for the success of my model colleagues' businesses, such as Wellspring Health Collective, a center of massage therapy, psychotherapy and more, and Fresh Monster, a new line of nontoxic haircare for kids. With a name like that, how could you not want them to succeed?!

Ananda, the photographer, also blogged about the photo shoot and included a sketch of one of my images at the top of her post:

The photo series starts rolling out later this year and I can't wait to see all the images and what my fellow women entrepreneurs are up to!

Behind the Scenes at the Photo Shoot March 31 2015


I couldn't resist sharing just a few more photos from the shoot last Saturday, such as Caitlin laughing uncontrollably, me being silly while Chadwick was trying to get a close up shot of the dress print, and a couple other photos. Enjoy!


More Photo Shoot Fun March 31 2015

Thanks to Ling and Chadwick for producing this funny gif of the photo shoot. Just in case you're wondering what those funny moves are about, we were jamming to Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. :)

Photo Shoot Fun March 29 2015


We had our second photo shoot this weekend and, once again, I owe a huge thank you to dear friends Ling and Chadwick for doing it all: photo shoot setup, photography work and everything needed for both. This time, the lovely Caitlin joined in on the fun.


As for what we shot, you'll see the new clothes on the site soon. I know I've been teasing the process on Instagram for a while now, but I promise new clothes will be posted soon and I can't wait to share them with you! I love them all so much and can't wait to wear them myself.

The inspiration and design process is different for each of the new upcoming items:

  • The first item I made was a jumpsuit. But not just any jumpsuit - the bottoms zip off, leaving behind a sleeveless top to wear any way you wish. I got the idea first a few years ago when I saw a very cool jumpsuit online. Inspired, I sketched something slightly different for myself but never made it. Then, this winter, a friend who had just given birth to twins invited a few ladies to her mother's place for a girls' night. My friend looked fabulous, chic and comfortable in a black jumpsuit. That reminded me of what I had sketched years before. With some new thinking, I came up with the version that will be for sale soon: comfortable enough for day, chic enough for night, with a cool gold and black, graphic print, cowl neck, sleeveless top and long, black, wide-leg bottoms.
  • The second piece of clothing is a dress that I designed a while ago but held off on making until now. I wanted a number that could work in a variety of settings, and with a little bit of sex appeal. What I designed is a comfortably chic, loose-fitting dress with a trompe l'oeuil print on the front, outlining a woman's shape without revealing anything. I chose these colors because I'm a fan of basic black and white, but I also love a bright coral or pink and that works so well with black and white. And pockets! Man, do I love pockets!
  • The hoodie was the third thing I made. It was an evolution of an idea that started out as a raglan-sleeve, pseudo kimono style top. I still may make something like that but what I ended up designing and making came at the end of a very loooooong evolution. I thought about making another vest, then I thought about adding a hood, and then that was that. I like it when color and print can surprise you so I wanted this cozy vest in my favorite neutral - gray - to have an oversize hoodie with a surprising lining. I first debated a fantastic print but nothing jumped out at me. And then I went back to one of my favorite pairings, gray and yellow, and voila. I can't wait to pair this with a never-basic white tank and white jeans this summer.
  • And lastly comes this awesome sleeveless top made of indigo chambray cotton. When I was starting this clothing line, I got some advice from a few women, makers themselves, who also had been through the maternity wear gambit. They all agreed on one thing - I needed to have something for nursing mothers too. Over the past several months, I wondered how I could make a nursing top that fit the aesthetic of the store and could be something that any woman would want to wear. A few designs played out in my head but then I settled on this one, a shirt with zipper detailing in all the right places in a style that I want to wear, like, right now.

The great thing about all of these is that you needn't be pregnant or nursing to wear any of them. They stand on their own and are great additions to any woman's wardrobe this spring and summer. And, as I said before, I love them all!


More Fun with Photos November 07 2014


Thankfully I have friends who are more photogenic than I and so I didn't need to model these clothes, but I took a few photos anyway. Here are a few outtakes from the first photo shoot in which I am wearing the Tattoo Tank Top, Reversible Striped Pants and Waist/Coat. A few notes on these items:

Tattoo Tank Top - I love tattoos. Not every single one I have ever seen, but in general I really like the artistry of many of them, the boldness of the person to permanently mark themselves, and what tattoos say about their owners. I got my first one a few years ago and would love to get more. Seeing tattoos inspired me to create this tank top, something simple with a cool embellishment.

Reversible Striped Pants - I wear many styles of clothing, but I am most comfortable in pants. A pair of long pants perfect to wear with heels or with a slight bagginess for those comfortable days, and you have described my perfect pair of pants, aka this pair. The white side makes them great for spring and summer and the black/herringbone side make them great for cooler months.

Waist/Coat - Some women wear sweatshirts, some wear sweaters, I wear blazers. They make looking chic and still being comfortable so easy. Same goes for vests, hence this vest/blazer combo. And it was actually my husband who thought of the cool brass zipper detail.

      Getting Started with Some Lovely Friends November 02 2014


      I’m building the collection slowly, starting first with a few pieces that can serve as wardrobe staples: a reversible dress, a pair of reversible pants, a vest that can turn into a blazer, and a shirt that can turn into a dress. And, for a little fun, a basic tank top with a wink to the classic “Mom” and heart tattoo.

      To help me get this website started, several awesome friends took a few hours out of their relaxing Sundays for a fun photo shoot. One of my bestest friends, Ling, and her awesome husband, Chadwick, set up, art directed and shot the photos for the beginning of the collection. And two lovely ladies made their modeling debuts.

      • Ling is a floral designer, studio manager and foodie, with a very keen eye for detail and artistry.
      • Chadwick is a graphic designer and animator who has some very funny animated stories to tell.
      • Whitney is a beautiful, world-traveling TV journalist and one of the smartest people I know.
      • Lillian is a beautiful, marketing maven and one of the nicest people I know.

      Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots of our first photo shoot.