Mitton & La Boss Metallics for New Year's Eve

I don't know about you, but whether it's a casual dinner or a big night out, I love to sparkle and shine on New Year's Eve. We're going for a low-key dinner with friends and then watching the ball drop from our couch, but I'm still bringing the metallics out for this festive occasion.

I'm currently weighing two outfit options:


Option 1: The black and gold removable top of the Mitton & La Boss Convertible Jersey Jumpsuit, black leather pants, and lots of gold jewelry from Morning Lavender, Emma McKinstry, and Food52.


Option 2: The Mitton & La Boss Convertible T-Shirt/Dress, with a skirt full of silver accents, a vintage black Donna Karan blazer, and black sequined heels.

Which one will it be?!

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