A Lovely and Perfect Gift: A 1903 Singer Sewing Machine

I recently received one of the most thoughtful and beautiful gifts I have ever gotten: this amazingly beautiful black and gold vintage Singer sewing machine. My husband and I recently bought our first house, which is vintage itself. It's a cottage less than 1,300 square feet that was built in 1903 and still has plenty of its original appeal. Once my father-in-law heard we were buying a house built in 1903, he began his search for a sewing machine from that year that still worked as he knows how much I love vintage and, clearly from this business, how much I sew. After several months of researching and bidding on his part, this beauty landed on my doorstep. My husband was in on the surprise and he witnessed my reaction as I opened the box: my mouth dropped open and I gasped. I am incredibly grateful for this complete and happy surprise.

I need to learn how to use it and get a proper vintage stand for it. It operates via hand crank rather than pedal so I likely won't do much sewing with it, but perhaps I can work a few stitches into each garment I create for this clothing line. I can't wait to get it set up properly but for now I will just gaze lovingly at it every day. It is so incredibly beautiful and I am one lucky woman to have someone think of me and give me this gift.

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